Summary of collaborative rehabilitation training project between Well Group (Japan) and Tra Vinh University

On the afternoon of April 15, Tra Vinh University hosted a comprehensive review of the collaborative rehabilitation training program between the Well Group conglomerate and Tra Vinh University.

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Leaders of Tra Vinh province and the Japanese delegation take commemorative photos.

Leaders from Tra Vinh province and the Japanese delegation posed for commemorative photos. The event was attended by Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Nguyen Quynh Thien; Mr. Tajima Hisashi, Representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Office in Ho Chi Minh City; Mr. Imura Seiji, CEO of the Well Group, Tra Vinh University executives, relevant provincial departments, and students participating in the training course.

The pilot collaborative training project between the Well Group and Tra Vinh University aims to assess feasibility for continued long-term cooperation between the two entities. The course spans three months, utilizing both online and in-person formats. Participating students are enrolled in the Rehabilitation Department at Tra Vinh University.

The course's core content revolves around knowledge and skills in physical therapy and the rehabilitation of elderly individuals, stroke and Parkinson's patients, as well as those with reduced motor function. Practical skills are imparted through direct guidance from Japanese experts in physical therapy.

According to feedback from the Well Group, students responded very positively to the course content and teaching methodologies. The majority expressed intentions to apply their newfound knowledge in practice, guiding and supporting patients and their families.

Addressing the gathering, President of Tra Vinh University, Nguyen Minh Hoa, expressed hope that the Well Group and Tra Vinh University would sustain their collaboration in implementing ongoing training programs in the field of rehabilitation. Additionally, he requested support from the Well Group to facilitate internships for students at the group's nursing homes, as well as cooperation in recruiting medical and pharmaceutical students to work in Japan. He also expressed hopes for support from JICA in establishing rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes in Tra Vinh, aligned with Japanese standards.

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Principal of Tra Vinh University, Nguyen Minh Hoa, delivers a speech.

Imura Seiji, CEO of the Well Group, disclosed that the Well Group had recently entered into a cooperation agreement with Vingroup to develop a high-end healthcare center model for the elderly. He expressed aspirations for Tra Vinh University to play a significant partner role in providing human resources and collaborating on the development of the rehabilitation industry in Vietnam. The Well Group eagerly anticipates receiving human resources from Tra Vinh University to work at Japanese rehabilitation facilities for 3 to 5 years, thereby acquiring additional experience and skills to return and serve in Vietnam.

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CEO of Well Group, Imura Seiji, speaks at the ceremony.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Nguyen Quynh Thien, expressed confidence that this collaboration would raise awareness about the importance and develop professional capabilities in elderly healthcare and rehabilitation. This, in turn, would enable Tra Vinh University to establish programs to attract investment and augment resources for provincial investment in this sector, serving both the community and acting as a practical facility for rehabilitation training, modeled after advanced Japanese practices.

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Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Nguyen Quynh Thien, delivers remarks at the ceremony.

The leadership of Tra Vinh province extends profound appreciation and acknowledges the support of JICA, the Well Group, Japanese partners, Tra Vinh University's implementation coordination, and the efforts of provincial departments and branches in successfully completing this cooperative program. There is also hope that the outcomes of this training program will pave the way for numerous new cooperation opportunities for the two entities and two localities in the future.

Following the ceremony, Tra Vinh University held a graduation ceremony for the elderly rehabilitation training course and presented certificates to the students.

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Mr. Imura Seiji, CEO of the Well Group, presents certificates to the students.


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