Provincial Leaders Collaborate with The Fruit Republic Company Limited

On the morning of March 29, Nguyen Quynh Thien, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, along with provincial department and branch leaders, held a productive meeting with the delegation from The Fruit Republic Co., Ltd. Mr. Maarten Siebe Van Wijk, the company's President and General Director, led the delegation. The primary agenda was to discuss the company's plans to expand citrus cultivation in Tra Vinh.

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Working session scene

The Fruit Republic Company Limited, a Dutch enterprise, specializes in purchasing and processing agricultural products for both domestic and international markets. Currently, The Fruit Republic is collaborating with Thanh Chi Cooperative in Huyen Hoi commune, Cang Long district, supporting the cultivation and purchase of seedless lemons across approximately 120 hectares. Encouraged by these initial positive outcomes, The Fruit Republic aims to broaden the seedless lemon cultivation area and explore the potential for growing Nam Roi grapefruit in Tra Vinh.

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Mr. Maarten Siebe Van Wijk introduces about The Fruit Republic.

During the meeting, Mr. Maarten Siebe Van Wijk provided an overview of the company's operations, quality standards, export markets, and future development strategies. He proposed that the province assist in organizing production, expand the cultivation areas for organic seedless lemons within the province, and address some existing export challenges related to citrus fruits.

The representatives from the provincial departments and branches expressed their alignment with The Fruit Republic's development objectives. They highlighted that Tra Vinh possesses numerous favorable conditions for expanding citrus cultivation, particularly seedless lemons. This variety of agricultural produce boasts significant export potential, offering high economic value and aligning with the province's agricultural development direction. They also informed the company about the provincial mechanisms and policies available to support cooperative and investor development.

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Chairman of the Provincial Cooperative Alliance, Thai Phuoc Loc, introduces some of the province's support policies for cooperatives.

Vice Chairman Nguyen Quynh Thien emphasized Tra Vinh's keen interest in collaborating with The Fruit Republic. The objective is to expand the cultivation of citrus fruits within the province, support farmers in accessing markets, and enhance the value of agricultural products.

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Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Nguyen Quynh Thien, speaks at the working session.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee assigned the Provincial Cooperative Alliance to spearhead close coordination with the Provincial Farmers' Association, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and District People's Committees. Their mission is to sign a cooperative agreement with The Fruit Republic to replicate the seedless lemon cultivation model and explore the potential for growing Nam Roi grapefruit, as suggested by the company. The Vice Chairman underscored that cooperation should be mutually beneficial, safeguarding the rights of cooperative members and the company. Hence, it is vital to establish clear and stringent terms, with both parties committed to adhering strictly to the agreed-upon terms.

Furthermore, the province pledged to support and collaborate with the cooperatives and farmers involved in the model. The aim is to assist The Fruit Republic in overcoming current challenges and to create the most favorable conditions in terms of mechanisms and policies, facilitating the company's development and business expansion within the province

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