Tra Vinh focuses on Attracting Investments for Maritime Economic Development

The Tra Vinh Provincial People's Committee has recently issued its 2024 Investment Promotion Program. According to this program, the province will prioritize calling for investments to robustly develop its maritime economy, including renewable energy, seaport infrastructure, logistics services, as well as agriculture, fisheries, and the processing industries related to agriculture and aquaculture.

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In March 2023, the province's investment promotion delegation met with potential investors for the Tra Vinh offshore wind power project in Japan.

For the year 2024, Tra Vinh aims to attract investments for 32 projects, comprising one industrial project, one in education and training, 13 in trade, tourism, and services, and 17 in social infrastructure, urban development, and environmental projects. Additionally, the province seeks investment for three independent social housing projects.

The province's investment attraction efforts will be particularly focused on the vigorous development of the maritime economy, including renewable energy, seaport logistics, and agricultural and aquacultural processing industries. This will involve intensifying on-site investment promotion, encouraging investments from businesses in the Southern key economic region, and establishing robust production and transportation supply chains for efficient product distribution.

Tra Vinh aims to attract and collaborate with foreign investments strategically, emphasizing sectors aligned with the province's priorities, such as marine industry, aquaculture, seafood processing, marine tourism, shipbuilding, energy, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing. The focus is on securing large-scale, technologically advanced projects, fostering connections with major investors and industry leaders to expedite the realization of significant projects.

The province is also calling for investments in the development of technical infrastructure within economic zones, industrial parks, and clusters. Efforts will be concentrated on optimizing existing industrial facilities, enhancing infrastructure, and workforce training to ensure readiness for incoming investments.

Furthermore, Tra Vinh's investment promotion initiatives will be geared towards fostering regional integration, strategically targeting breakthroughs, and catalyzing socio-economic development across the region.

In 2023, Tra Vinh successfully attracted 12 projects, including 11 domestic investments totaling 1,263.3 billion VND, and one foreign investment worth 2.5 million USD.


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