Editorial board

1. Mr. Nguyen Quynh Thien, Vice chairman of Provincial People’s Committee - Chairman

2. Mr. Nguyen Van Quyen, Chief of staff of Provincial People’s Committee

Editorial board members:

3. Mr. Son Hung, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Tra Vinh newspaper, member

4. Mr. Tieu Thanh Tan, Director of the Department of Finance 

5. Mrs. Luc Thi Tien, Head of General Department - External Affairs, Office of the Provincial People's Committee

6. Mr. Le Quang Long, Director of the Center for Informatics - Official Gazette, Office of the Provincial People's Committee - Secretary

Phone:  (02943) 851.917
Email: webmaster@travinh.gov.vn; congthongtindientutv@gmail.com

Map of Tra Vinh
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